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Unit Skin Studio is uniquely poised to treat Rosacea as if you were at a dermatologist’s office. We are able to diagnose and assess the different types of Rosacea, and treat the papulopustular types with prescription medication and prescription topical treatments in addition to a laser. For simple redness (erythema) and broken blood vessels (telangiectasias) we feel the laser of choice is the IPL. All of our treatments are well tolerated and usually require no anesthesia. Following treatment, the area may feel warm, but patients can get back to their daily routine directly after treatment with confidence. Improvement can usually be seen immediately*, and several treatments may be needed 6 weeks apart. In addition to treating the redness and broken blood vessels of Rosacea, the IPL treatments also benefit the patient by producing collagen to give a youthful glow*.


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