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Coolsculpting, If You Can Squeeze It Freeze It!

No Needles, No Scars, No Scalpel, No Fat Yes Please!

Dallas, let’s face it, we all have one (or 2) areas that we just can’t seem to shake at the gym literally. For many this would mean par taking in a strict diet and exercise program or perhaps even investing in Liposuction or weight loss surgeries as a way to get results faster, buzz kill. However, there is another option that experts and our clients are applauding for.

Coolsculpting is the ideal solution for those experiencing difficulty shrinking love handles, muffin tops, spare tires, and double chins! Coolsculpting requires little time and an entire treatment round can be done in one morning or afternoon. Don’t be fooled by some of the other content out there on our friend Google. This is not a lunchtime treatment and does require slightly more time to complete the process. However the best part is zero downtime.

CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells underneath the skin with a special cool gel pad and a CoolSculpting applicator. The applicator is gently placed against the treatment area where it delivers precisely controlled cooling that freezes fat. Following your Coolsculpting session a 2-minute massage is administered and then the fat cells begin to shrink and die, allowing the body to metabolize and eliminate them for good. Over the course of the following weeks and months – approximately 90 days – the overall fat layer is significantly reduced.

Does it work? It’s one thing to read stories about other clients success stories online, or to see the amazing before and after pictures that the Coolsculpting puts out, but at Unit we have seen first hand results which really makes us believers in the Coolsculpting treatment process. With that said we also believe strongly that the treatment is not for everyone, working with a results driven team is something that set’s Unit Skin Studio apart. Our Coolsculpting expert Stacy Ward is a fitness and nutrition expert; schedule your complimentary Coolsculpting full body consultation with her today!