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Beat the Heat this Spring Break with our Clinical Aesthetician, Stacy Ward

Q: What is the best way to take care of my skin in the summer?


We love the sun and thankfully it is almost always present here in Texas, but what we hate is aging skin, uneven skin tone & discoloration. To prevent & prolong these dreaded conditions the best thing you can do for your skin is to protect it! Especially if you are using any kind of hydroxy acids on your skin, such as Retin-A, glycolic or salicylic acids or benzyol peroxide for blemishes. These things make your skin more photosensitive a.k.a. it will burn easily and could leave hyperpigmentation in it’s place for the rest of your years. Stay away from harsh scrubs that can make dehydration more intense and contribute to aging skin.


Q: What kind of sunscreen should I be using?

A: The quick answer is a product that provides between 15-55 SPF. Anything above the 55 range does not actually add much more protection, only more chemicals and you don’t need more of that on your skin. The best rule of thumb is to apply 20 minutes before you go into the sun and reapply every hour if you are fair and every 2 hours if you have a darker skin tone and rarely or never burn. “But what if you don’t ever burn?”  Yes, you still need SPF for protection against skin cancer.


Q: What is the best way to get quick results?

A: GET ON A PROGRAM & STICK WITH IT. Consistency is key–just like going to the gym; you might feel good after just one visit but it won’t change your aesthetic. To get a quick fix & lasting results seek professional guidance & stay with it. If you can’t realistically get a facial treatment every month as recommended, at least get on quality, “grown up products.” a.k.a. ditch the drug store brands that do little to no good for your skin and invest in something with high quality ingredients that will improve & protect your skin.


Q: What are your favorite products?

A: Ones that work and don’t cost a fortune! Anything under $250 for a potent product is what I consider “not a fortune.” Of course they don’t have to cost that much, but be wary of the product that promises the world but costs less than $50…high quality formulations & ingredients cost money, there’s no way around it. The better the quality, the better the results. I love serums- they pack the most punch in repair and protection of your skin.  My favorite for summer is the “rise and shine” serum at Unit Skin Studio. Topical Vitamin C is key to your regimen. It not only protects your skin from free radicals: It brightens the skin and lightens brown spots. It also boosts the efficacy of your sunscreen by 30 percent, and can prevent the consequences of long-term sun exposure.
So much of what’s on the market for skin care is just being marketed to you. As a consumer it’s hard to weed through the inflated claims and sales pitches to get to the heart of it. What I always teach is that ingredients don’t lie, so it’s a good place to start. If you need help deciphering the cryptic language, call your Aesthetician and if they can’t help you, find a new one who can!