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Winter Skin Prep

Sit down my friends and pour a cup of cocoa or visit your favorite barista for a latte. As the heaters come on in winter, skin is almost instantaneously zapped of moisture. Don’t panic! Feeling like a dried prune? Here’s my top tips on combating the dry skin winter blues (or reds would be more appropriate).

1. Apply moisturizer on warm damp skin. Do you know how butter seems to melt so quickly into warm toast? Same for your skin! Slather on when its all warm and “toasty.”

2. You have certainly heard of the three second rule for food, right? Well this is the three minute rule for your skin! Out of the shower, pat dry,  and apply! After three minutes the skin starts to cool down and dry off, moisturizers loose their optimal penetration. Try Wrinkle Bandit, my go-to product for Uber luxury hydration. The ultimate de-pruning cream!

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Did I say exfoliate? Nothing can penetrate a thick  layer of dead skin on the surface. Lets Glo uses the power of glycolic acid to gently slough off dead skin without over stripping. 

4. Don’t shut the front door, but the bathroom door! Lock in the steam from the shower as long as you can while applying moisturizer for added penetration. Don’t stop moisturizing at the jaw line,  Try V Neck for that luscious Nefertiti look we are all going for. 

5. Still having that dry itch that you can’t scratch? A cool mist humidifier in your bedroom can combat the drying effects of switching from AC to heat on the thermostat. 

6. My top picks for body moisturizer? Cetaphil or Ceravae Cream – not lotion! The thicker the better to soothe winter dry skin.

Grab your boots, scarves, and lets pony-up for some winter skin!