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Best Botox in Dallas

Where is the best Botox in Dallas you ask? Why, Unit Skin Studio of course! Botox, bashful? Bo-curious, perhaps? Let me dispel the myths and misconceptions of this misunderstood procedure…You and your forehead lines will relax in front of my eyes, and you are safe in my very experienced hands. 

Bo-curious about safety? Relax, my dear, pull up your laptop and a latte and let me put your mind at ease. Just as you are not ingesting mold (EEWWWW!) when you take penicillin, you are not getting actual botulism injected int your frown lines. Botox is a purified protein derived from Clostridium botulinum, an organism found in the natural environment where it is largely inactive and non-toxic.

This tiny miracle was first used on children with strabismus, the medical term for “lazy eye.” Researchers found that a few tiny drops in the contralateral muscle would allow the eye to align properly. Dr. Jean Carrthers was the opthalmologist who first noticed this wonderful relaxed look when injecting some of her patients. Her husband, Alastair Carrthers brought it to dermatology, he tried it first on his office receptionist! SO, I say, for those raising an non botoxed eyebrow on safety? You cant have anything with a better safety profile than using botox on children’s eyes for over 30 years… Nuff said.

Why do you find the Best Botox in Dallas at Unit Skin Studio? Because I care enough to write all this down for you, my reader! The Best Botox will not be achieved by a beginner, I have some of the most skilled hands in the industry. Most of my clients come from the modeling industry, these lovely ladies would be “grounded” if they came to work with a frozen look. The agency would say, see you in three months hon!  We at Unit truly care. We take our time, and really listen to our patients. We usually allow an hour for a first-time consultation, instead of the ubiquitous rushing in and out seen in some places. This concierge level of service, coupled with expert and skilled practitioners makes us, hands down, the Best Botox in Dallas. The only way a patient could get a higher level of concierge botox is if we picked her up in a limo…. hmm food for thought.