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Dallas’ Favorite Fall Facial: The Vampire Facial

Are you wanting the ultimate skin treatment that is all treats and no tricks?  Look no further my mini Draculettes, for the Vampire Facial is here! Do not recoil in horror, as this is just a common coined term for the micropen (also known as collagen induction therapy) and Platelet Rich Plasma. The Vampire Facial sounds MUCH more interesting, right?

Come out of the dark, and let me “enlighten” you on the wonders of this cutting edge medical treatment. Nothing spooky, here… This is pure science.

Technology in aesthetics has evolved tremendously from the days of microdermabrasion, now we have Collagen Induction Therapy delivered through a tiny little device called the micropen. Relax, sit back, and let me tell you about this little powerhouse of collagen creation. After topical numbing, this amazing device makes tiny, controlled wound into the dermis. The dermis reacts to this “injury” by creating collagen like crazy. All of the cells that are involved in wound healing are recruited, and they “talk” to each other as they did when they were much younger. The result? A robust collagen response unlike anything you have ever had before!

But wait, there’s more… How can this get any better you ask? Enter PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma (the “Vampire” part of the treatment) PRP was originally used for wound healing, especially in sports medicine. Tiger Woods and Tennis great Rafael Nadal have benefitted from PRP to help heal their sports injuries. PRP is chock-full of the biggest buzz word in aesthetics today – STEM CELLS. The plasma is super concentrated with your own growth factors. These are applied topically after the micropen.  Nothing can talk to your own body and your own collagen-like your own stem cells. The result? Collagen is turned on like a Bugatti Veyron (the fastest street-legal car in the world) Vrooom! Wrinkles and  pigmentation go poof! Tone and texture are improved, and the skin has a radiant glow. A series of these amazing treatments are needed for optimal results, but once you have been “bitten” by the Vampire Facial bug you will be hooked!

To see the Vampire Facial in action, here is a link to our CW “Eye Opener” segment with Hillary Kennedy!