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Circle Seven Five @ Unit!

This past week I had the opportunity to meet up with our friends at Unit Skin Studio to learn a little more about their space, product and team. To say I was impressed when I walked in is an understatement, and I quickly made it very clear I would like for their lounge area to be my home.

No matter who you are, I think we could certainly all come to the agreement that going to a doctor of any kind is not exactly at the top of our “Favorite Things” list. I mean, come on. Am I right or am I right? But, when you walk into Unit Skin the last thing you feel is that icky doctor’s office feeling (and smell) that overcomes you when entering into the typical office. Upon walking into Unit, I was overwhelmed by the smell of Volcano candles -the ones Anthropologie uses- and extremely friendly faces amidst an incredibly well curated living room, errr, office. Unit Skin Studio is a unique combination of a med-spa and high-end dermatologist’s office. You receive all of the perks of a doctor, both the prescription and curated treatments compounded on premises, without the actual doctor’s office. As someone who sat in the dermatologist’s office for two hours last week, this was immediately intriguing.


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